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Tributes to Bob (47)

Jan 12

dear maya, lana and sinta - i only recently learned of bob's passing. although it's been so many years since we were together, i have very clear and fond memories of those times. bob was one of the good guys - and when i think of him, i always smile - in fact, i can still hear his laugh! poking fun at others and himself was one of his special talents. hidden in this photo from my mugshots 50 years ago is a picture of bob trying to look serious - and some of his colleagues from that time. i believe i have mugshots of all of you - send me an email contact ( and i will share with you - and earn a couple smiles i hope.

may he rest in peace.

don clark

Dec 20, 2023

I just learned of Bobs passing and my son Matthew who was a class mate of his daughter Lana reminded me of how bob was so supportive in his athletic efforts while in Jakara.

I so admired and respected Bob as an associate in usaid and as a husband and father.

I also remember how he would volunteer to stand the duty for the Marines o n their celebration of the Marine Corps birthday. What a guy!

Our deepest condolencies for your loss.

Bob Clark and family

Dec 15, 2023

Dear Maya and family: We send our peace, energy and strength to you all in this time of loss. I didnt get a chance to spend much time with Bob, but it was more than I was officially scheduled to and I was happy for it. He was a coach of another group during my entry to USAID, but in his calm and giving way he got to know many of us. We struck up a quick friendship around a love of tennis and met up to play on the weekend. His perfect form and sense for the game made me feel good to get the best of what I thought was an athlete in his early sixties. Little did I know he was already in his seventies, almost 40 yrs older than me, and I still had to give it all I had! What an impressive person and such a warm heart. His stories and views on development and USAID inspired me in my career. I will carry those fond memories of him for the rest of my life, as I am sure so will the many of us that he left deep impressions on, as a coach, colleague and friend .

Kipp Sutton

Dec 01, 2023

Dear Maya, Sinta and Lana - My deepest condolences on the loss of Bob. Looking through the photos on this site it is impossible to miss the love in your family. How deeply he will be missed by all of you. It would have been a great honor to know him well. I and my daughter know Maya much better and we do love you so much. May your memories sustain and heal you in this sad time.

Nov 30, 2023

Dear Maya,Lana, and Sinta: I and all the Bertotti family offer our sorrow and condolences on the loss of Bob, a very highly revered friend. He was always kind, sensitive, and giving.

From his heroic Peace Corps time in Indonesia and all throughout his career to the highest ranks of the Foreign Service, he was loved, and highly respected by all the persons who served with him.

I am glad I got to know him well. He was very helpful to me. Our last conversation was earlier this year. He chatted lovingly about Maya and adoringly of his daughters.

He remained upbeat about the future of USAID and was very happy that he chose to retire in a home area he loved.

Tim, Mai and family

Nov 30, 2023


Christopher Clark, Douglas Clark's son here. I don't have deep words just yet. But I'll say that no argument they were the best friends. I knew every visit I took to my parents , I could count on time with Uncle Bob and Aunty Maya. So many convos and advice that I wish I turned on my phone or a real camera to record. What a documentary that could be. xoxo, p-Bob. Glad you made it to our reception!

Nov 29, 2023

Bob was the last standing patriarch of the Dakan-Gillespie-Albores triad that started in Laos.

I will miss him and Frank G/Rick A, but I will always feel blessed by their friendship and bringing us all together as one "family" no matter whether we were in country (Laos, Thailand or Indonesia) together or separated by continents. Bob and Frank taught us kids how to find and celebrate the humor in life. Whether it was a clever pun or a bawdy joke - they loved to make us laugh. Bob taught me how to skim board on the beaches of Bali as a teenager. While we will all miss Bob, Frank & Rick, their memories will always sustain us, and their surviving families will remain fully intertwined as one. 

Love to Maya, Lana, Sinta and their families now and forever. Call if you need anything.

P.S. Here's the last picture of Bob I have from May 2021 when he, Maya and Lana visited me and Louellen in our new home.

Nov 29, 2023
Replying to

P.P.S. - Ricky Albores

Nov 28, 2023

Tony and I met Bob and Maya in Honolulu in April 1966.  The Dakans and the Babbs had just gotten married.We were part of a group of ten guys (some with spouses) preparing to work in Laos, studying the language and culture and USAID work requirements and expectations. 

Lao is a tonal language. When we practiced  speaking Bob would “remark” about my pronunciation of banana (the same word for a male anatomical part) even if I said it correctly. I was envious of  Maya and Bob's language ability and their knowledge of Southeast Asia. 

Though we have lived in many different countries and now live on the East and West coasts, we  have remained close friends. 

As others will say, Bob was a wonderful guy - unassuming (note how many photos his hands are in his pockets), a realist with patience and common sense, and full of kindness. He was always ready with a quip and loved to tease Maya. 

I have so many great memories and will think about those when I am mourning his death and that Maya and Sinta and their families are grieving his absence. 

Marcia Babb

Nov 25, 2023

Dear Maya, Lana, and Sinta,

We recently learned of Bob's passing from Bill Johnson. and we wanted to extend our heartfelt condolences to you. While it has been many years since we last saw you and Bob, we remember you both very well. We remember Bob very well for a number of reasons. He was instrumental in getting us back to Indonesia in 1980 for which I am ever grateful since we had worked in Indonesia for 7 years prior and were eager to get back "home." Our son Mike remembers him while he was young and couldn't say "Dakan" so he called Bob "Bob Bacon". But most of all, it was Bob's openness, acceptance, friendship, and wonderful sense of humor that we recall from our brief time together.

Nancy and I "ikut berdoa and cinta kepada keluaga Dakan." May you be sustained with the love and support from family and friends during this difficult time. David and Nancy Piet

Nov 23, 2023

We miss Bob. We always looked forward to running into him as we walked Moxie through the neighborhood. His genuine warmth, caring, and sense of humor were a balm for any soul. No matter where in the world you were from, what challenges you faced, Bob always accepted you and was very inclusive. We deeply appreciated his caring for our children, esp. Zain, who quickly grew fond of Bob. We miss our dinner conversations. We love you Bob!

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